Acrylic Powder & Monomer

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  • Premium Color Chart

    Premium Color Chart

    Our color chart is recreated on a 8.5″x11″ plastic sheet with both opaque and transparent inks for the highest accuracy in color simulation of our line of acrylic powder and monomers. Our ...


  • Concentrate Gel Form

    Concentrate Gel Form

    2oz plastic container, includes scooper. Each container produces a gallon’s worth of color. Available in 14 color selections: Aqua (#960•0170) Black (#960•0171) Royal Blue (#960•0172) Dark ...


  • Glitter


    Glitters available in 2 oz containers. Available in 9 color selections: Red (#960•0190) Purple (#960•0191) Green (#960•0192) Gold (#960•0193) Silver (#960•0194) Aqua (#960•0195) Fuchsia (# ...


  • Ortho Concentrate

    Ortho Concentrate

    Concentrated colored monomer liquid in 2oz vials. ...


  • Acrylic Monomer

    Acrylic Monomer

    CLICK HERE to see our COLOR CHART! Pre-mixed monomers in 16 oz containers. Available in 12 color selections. All of these colors can be bought in 32 oz containers for $41.00 per bottle. Call today to ...


  • Gallon of Orthodontic Monomer

    Gallon of Orthodontic Monomer

    1 Gallon of Orthodontic Monomer, available in Pink and Clear tints. Pink Tint: #160•6300 Clear Tint: #600•1000 ...


  • Standard Clear Monomers

    Standard Clear Monomers

    Ideal for all orthodontic appliances. Self-cure monomer without tint and with blue tint, available in quart (32oz) containers. ...


  • High-Clarity Monomers

    High-Clarity Monomers

    High-clarity, clear monomer used for splints. High-clarity, pink monomer used for retainers. Available in quart (32oz) containers. ...


  • Tooth Shade Acrylic

    Tooth Shade Acrylic

    Self-curing acrylic powder in 10 different teeth-tones. Larger 8oz and 16oz containers available, please call to order. ...


  • “Flower” Acrylic Powder

    CLICK HERE to see our COLOR CHART! 1 lb of translucent, pastel “Flower” acrylic powder. Available in 4 color selections. ...


  • Crystal Acrylic Powder

    Crystal Acrylic Powder

    CLICK HERE to see our COLOR CHART! 1 lb of translucent and vibrant colored acrylic powder. Available in 4 color selections. ...


  • Clear Ortho Powder

    Clear Ortho Powder

    Standard, clear acrylic powder. Easy to use. Excellent for splints and retainers. Non-slumping, clear extra-fine acrylic powder used for all types of dental appliances. Allows for extra working time. ...


  • Primary Colors & Shades Powder

    Primary Colors & Shades Powder

    CLICK HERE to see our COLOR CHART! Opaque powder available in 3 Primary Colors (Blue, Red, or Yellow) and 2 Shades (Black or White). Primary Blue (#960•0017) Primary Red (#960•0019) Primary Yellow ...


  • Electric Powder

    Electric Powder

    CLICK HERE to see our COLOR CHART! Choice from 7 bright Electric colors. 1 lb – $35.00 Please call to order in 5 lb containers. ...


  • Glow-in-the-Dark Powder

    Glow-in-the-Dark Powder

    CLICK HERE to see our COLOR CHART! Vibrant colors that glow in the dark. Weight: 1 lb for $38.50 Please call to order 5 lb container at bargain price. ...